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Language Camp in Northern Germany

Welcome to our camp in the Lüneburger Heide, near Bremen, Hamburg and Hanover!

Our camp in Walsorde is the perfect language holiday for all those who are looking for adventures in the fresh air and want to improve their language skills in a fun way. In addition to interesting camp-style language lessons, we are all about discovering new cultures with children and young people from all over the world. At the same time, we offer a varied programme: whether creative, adventurous or sporty - there's something for everyone!




Junior 7 - 12 years
Senior 12 - 16 years
SeniorPlus 15 - 17 years


from 395 €




Tent Village
Adventure Lodges

Language courses

English Classic
German Classic


The camp site in Walsrode, Lower Saxony, covers more than 150,000 m2. The Beach & Water, Survival and Creative areas each offer space for a variety of exciting activities. With kayaking, water trampolining, raft building, survival training and building your own shelters, making a fire or climbing in the high ropes course, adventure seekers and creative minds will get their money's worth here at the camp.


In this camp you can choose between the tent accommodation and the cabins. The two age groups Juniors and Seniors are accommodated separately in order to create an age-appropriate environment. Our sanitary facilities, as well as the accommodation, are separate for girls and boys and are easily accessible from the tents and cabins. The teamers live right next door and are available around the clock to answer any questions, concerns or problems.

Our huts - Adventure Lodges

The lodges offer space for four to eight people and are equipped with shelves and seating. There is a surcharge of €120 per week for accommodation in the lodges.

Our tents - Tent Village

The tents in our tent villages sleep six to seven people. They are equipped with a gallery and wooden floor. Children can make themselves comfortable here with a sleeping bag and a sleeping mat.


The camp serves three meals a day, including vegetarian options as well as gluten-free, lactose-free and pork-free meals. Our kitchen prepares fresh menus every day. For breakfast, there is a selection of fresh bread rolls, cold cuts, fruit and cereals, as well as various juices, cocoa and tea. Our kitchen team prepares hot dishes for lunch and dinner. These are always accompanied by a rich salad buffet and a variety of desserts. Between meals, you can top up your water bottles at our water stations and help yourself to fresh fruit.


Leisure activities
Our participants have the opportunity to choose from a variety of projects in addition to the language lessons. Everyone can organise their leisure programme at the camp according to their own preferences. Sport and action, adventure, creative activities and survival are just a few examples of our programme. Our group games in particular provide lots of fun and the football pitch offers plenty of space for action. In the evenings, we sit cosily together around the campfire, eat marshmallows and play songs on the guitar. We often no longer realise whether we are speaking German or English.

For the two-week campers, we offer Saturday excursions to the Serengeti Park for our Juniors and to the Heide Park for the Seniors. There is also a trip to the "Verwell" adventure pool or participation in a two-day adventure hike. For an additional €65, we also offer a day trip to Hamburg, which must be booked in advance.


English & German
In this camp you have the choice between the English and German language courses. We teach at least 12 lessons of 45 minutes each per week. We playfully teach you your chosen language or help you to consolidate what you have already learnt. In addition to the language profiles, participants also have the opportunity to use and improve their foreign language skills outside of the lessons. Our teamers will look after you bilingually.

Information 2024

Booking Period 2024


WAL A 17.03.-23.03.2024    395 €
WAL A/B 17.03.-30.03.2024    795 €
WAL B 24.03.-30.03.2024    395 €
WAL B/C 24.03.-06.04.2024    795 €
WAL C 31.03.-06.04.2024    395 €


WAL 1 23.06.-29.06.2024 415 €
WAL 2 30.06.-06.07.2024 415 €
WAL 3 07.07.-13.07.2024 435 €
WAL 4 14.07.-20.07.2024 465 €
WAL 5 21.07.-27.07.2024 475 €
WAL 6 28.07.-03.08.2024 475 €
WAL 7 04.08.-10.08.2024 465 €
WAL 8 11.08.-17.08.2024 415 €
WAL 9 18.08.-24.08.2024 395 €
WAL 10 25.08.-31.08.2024 395 €


WAL 1/2 23.06.-06.07.2024        845 €
WAL 3/4 07.07.-20.07.2024        895 €
WAL 5/6 21.07.-03.08.2024        945 €
WAL 7/8 04.08.-17.08.2024        895 €
WAL 9/10 18.08.-31.08.2024        795 €



WAL SenPlus/Lead 3/4 07.07.-20.07.2024            895 €
WAL SenPlus/Lead 5/6 21.07.-03.08.2024            945 €
WAL SenPlus/Lead 7/8 04.08.-17.08.2024            895 €
WAL SenPlus/Lead 9/10 18.08.-31.08.2024            795 €


WAL ICIT 1/2 23.06.-06.07.2024             895 €
WAL ICIT 3/4 07.07.-20.07.2024             895 €
WAL ICIT 5/6 21.07.-03.08.2024             895 €
WAL ICIT 7/8 04.08.-17.08.2024             895 €


WAL F 01.10.-07.10.2023             395 €
WAL F/G 01.10.-14.10.2023             795 €
WAL G 08.10.-14.10.2023             395 €
WAL H 15.10.-21.10.2023             395 €
WAL H/I 15.10.-28.10.2023             795 €
WAL I 22.10.-28.10.2023             395 €

  • Accommodation in tents, sleeping 6 to 7 campers, or huts, sleeping 4 to 8 campers
  • Full board (3 meals a day/dietary requirements noted in registration form)
  • Water and fruit available throughout the day
  • Free time activities/equipment
  • Camp Adventure T-Shirt
  • 24h monitoring/Counselor to child ratio of 1:8
  • The consumption of drugs of any kind is prohibited in all camps. Violence against or discrimination against other camp participants is not tolerated in our camps.
Arrival & Departure Services

You can choose between our collective transfer for 75 € one way and a private shuttle for 350 € one way.


With this shuttle all children are first picked up from their exit right after the baggage claim and then brought to the camp together. This can lead to waiting times.

Our team will be at the airport from 10 am and will collect all arriving children. For parents who accompany their children to Hamburg Airport themselves, we offer a central meeting point (at the rocket) at McDonald's Restaurant at Hamburg Airport. Depending on the number of participants, the transfer can take place by bus, train or car. The shuttle leaves the airport at 4 pm with all children and carers in the direction of the camp.
All flights arriving later than 3 pm can no longer be considered for this transfer. In this case we recommend that you book our private transfer.
If your flight arrives before 10 am, we will need to send an extra person to the airport to pick up your child at the exit right after the baggage claim. This also applies to the return trip if the flight departs later than 6 pm. For this service we charge 50 € extra, in addition to the normal transfer costs. These costs cover the service of receiving your child earlier/checking him in later and looking after him.

Shuttle Landing Time Departure Time Costs one way
Airport Hamburg at the gate 10 am - 3 pm 2 - 6 pm 75 €
Airport Hamburg meeting point McDonald's (at the rocket) 2 pm 12:30 pm 55 €
Airport Hanover 10 am - 3 pm 2 - 6 pm 75 €

Please note the different airline regulations regarding children travelling alone. If your child travels as UM (unaccompanied minor), we will charge 20 € extra for the additional effort.


This transfer is recommended if the landing time is later than 3 pm on the day of arrival, departure before 2 pm on the day of departure, the arrival or departure on other days or if you do not want your children to wait at the airport. Up to two children can share this transfer.

Visa Invitation Letter

25 €

Insurance Package (if residence is not in Germany) 35 €
Laundry Service (only available for three or more-week camps) 45 €

Camp Adventure Hoodie

50 €
Camping Mat & Sleeping Bag (to buy) 95 €
Sleeping Bag (to buy) 60 €
Camping Mat (to rent) 15 €
Travel Cancellation Guarantee (for one-week stays) 45 €
Travel Cancellation Guarantee (from two-week stays) 75 €
Bed Sheets Rental Service
(only for house/huts)
25 €