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Our mission is to bring language to life!


Participants from over 60 countries


Deepen your language skills on sightseeing tours


For everyday camp life with friends from all over the world led by native speakers

A first-class team for your child!

Thanks to our many years of experience, excellent training and the character qualifications of our coaches, children and young people can enjoy productive, eventful and relaxing language holidays with GELC.

Our language coaches are committed young native speakers who are trained by experienced instructors in our language programme. They learn a variety of methods to respond creatively and dynamically to the different requirements of the camps. We place particular emphasis on teamwork, and co-operation is expressly encouraged. As a result, the participants master challenges together and grow together as a group.

The exclusive use of native speakers, who often do not speak German, automatically encourages participants to communicate in another language. As a result, correct pronunciation and sentence structure are automatically memorised - a great advantage over school lessons! The coaches can also represent their home country, which not only familiarises the participants with the language, but also with the people, culture and customs of other countries.

At GELC, we regard each individual as part of the group - be it among the participants or the teamers.

For years we have been working closely with Camp Europe e.V., an association specialising in the search, selection and training of German and international teamers and language coaches. With offices in Spain and Canada, Camp Europe ensures a great international mix in our camps. We strive for a diverse mix in our teams - from students to employees, from athletes to artists and craftsmen. This allows us to offer a wide range of linguistic, sporting and creative activities in our programme.

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